International Do It Yourself Week

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We’re coming up on the first week of October, which many of you already know is our NEL International Do It Yourself Week!

This is a fun initiative we started a few years ago with many of our clubs, with the goal of expsoing members to different skillsets and potential interests that they could engage with together.

We’ve got a number of interesting themes this year, submitted by our partnering clubs. Here are a few of the top programs.

DIY Boat Workshop

diy boat buildingOne of my personal favorites of the bunch is for those looking to build a DIY Boat. There will be an amateur boat-building workshop hosted by our New Orleans German Club, and they are opening this event not only to members but also to the general public as well.

They’ll be following along with a set of Wooden Boat Plans provided by, and the goal of the event is to produce a real boat that they can take out on the water! Sounds pretty mind-boggling to me!

If you’ve ever wondered how boats are built or what goes into building one for yourself, this sounds like an event not to miss!

DIY Windmills

diy windmillAnother cool example of a cultural group in action is our Portland Friendly Francophiles organization!

Although the plans are historically from their Dutch neighbors to the North, this event is focused on providing an easy and practical way to take an old idea and infuse it with modern technology.

With a wind-power kit, you can build your own modern windmill to place on top of your house and harness wind energy. This can not only reduce your own electric bill but, if you harness enough power, you could sell it back to the grid and earn money from your power company!

This is popular with solar energy, but since Portland isn’t so famous for fun in the sun, the wind alternative seems a great option!

DIY Water Wells

water well diyDown in Nairobi, our first and only cultural center located in Africa, our group is facing day to day survival issues with many of the communities and outreach programs it coordinates.

Many villages in Kenya lack access to clean water, and with the changing climate, regions that once saw two extended wet seasons are now seeing only one. This has led to extreme drought conditions in some regions, and needs to be addressed in order for these villages to continue to function.

For that reason, the Nairobi Association has agreed to do an in-field demonstration in Mukaa, about an hour South of the city, for a one day DIY water well project.

Please write in to let us know what else you have planned for this fun and exciting week ahead!

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