The News and Events You Need for the German-Francophone World!

We’re really excited to be bringing you the re-launch of what used to be one of the most popular German-Francophone news blogs in the Western Hempisphere!

Due to internal financial struggles, we were unfortunately forced to suspend our services, but thanks to a new grant from the Carnegie Foundation, we’re able to once again resume our news services, and looking forward to re-establishing our audience base and getting started providing you the best news around!

Our Aim

We have pretty lofty ambitions and we’re not afraid to admit it!

We work extensively with German and French cultural groups across the US, and are eager to become the #1 German-Francophone blog for US citizens and residents.

Though we cover mostly news and events related to these communities, we like to encourage diversity and openness, and hope that people of all cultural backgrounds will come to us for reliable information about what’s going on in these cultures and communities!

For more information, see our About Us page!

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