About Us

We are a small team that collects information about global German-Francophone news and events.

Our primary responsibilities involve coordinating different cultural groups in countries and regions worldwide. We are proud to work with German-cultural and French-cultural groups, centers, schools, and non-profits in 56 cities, including:

36 US cities spread across 30 states,
12 European cities across 8 countries, not including native French and German speaking countries,
6 Asian cities in 4 countries,
1 African city, and
1 Australian city.
elisabethWe are constantly looking for new groups to join our informal association, so if you or anyone you know runs a local cultural group, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out if there’s any possibility of connecting and adding them in to our circle!

This blog is a new initiative, and we will be testing to see how it performs with our current members. Elisabeth (picture shown on this page) will be the contact person and editor in chief of the blog, so if you have any questions about information presented here, please reach out to her directly! Her email is elisabeth@neues-elsass-lothringen.com.

Thanks for your interest and we hope you enjoy the information provided herein!